Stairs made of granite in the arrangements of interiors

For a long time, granite has been highly appreciated for its unique qualities. It is natural material distinguished by its unusual durability. Its appearance remains unchanged for many years. Granite is resistant to mechanical damage and the negative influence of external factors. Granite reacts very well to chemicals used in our households, it does not absorb water and it is easy to clean. It is also characterised by unprecedented appearance and elegance, which added to an interior, will give the space a lot of charm.

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Is stone a better solution than ceramic tiles?

Stone flooring is a timeless, durable and long-lasting solution. You might think, that purchasing stone for you floor would be the only and the best choice. However, there are different kinds of flooring available on the market and stone floors are not the only solution.

Stone flooring

Stone floor is a timeless, elegant and first of all durable solution. Natural stone has been regarded for many years as one of the most hardwearing materials. Additionally, a stone floor is easy to be kept clean. It does not need applying particularly complex products. If necessary, water with mild detergent will do. It is a great benefit for all ladies of the house, who want their floor always to be clean and shiny. Stone floors are more expensive than ceramic ones, yet it is worth paying more to enjoy a beautiful view of our floor for many years ahead.
With time, stone floors are getting more and more matt and/or they can undergo the process of abrasion. It does not pose a serious problem, though. Stone floors can be renewed by means of specialist equipment or proper household chemicals. Stone floors are ideally suited for sitting rooms, halls or bathrooms, and their colour or pattern depend on the stone applied

Which stone to select for laying floors?

We have already written in our previous article about what kind of stone to choose. This time, we would like to pay your attention to the fact that not every stone is suitable. When buying stone for your floor, you should particularly remember what it should be characterised by:
High abrassion resistance, which defines the extent to which a stone tile changes its appearance caused by frequent use. It is one of the most important parameters, a stone floor should have.
A stone floor has to be resistant to abrasion especially if we walk on it and our children run and play on it. Another important feature is low moisture absorption, which depends on stone’s porosity, the properties of enamel and the degree of stone absorption with impregnant. What’s important, the lower the absorption is, the less susceptible stone floors are to dirt and discolouration.

Ceramic flooring

Ceramic floors are becoming more and more popular. They are produced from clay with the addition of sand and other ingredients. Ceramic floors are commonly used as kitchen and bathroom flooring. They are distinguished by their high durability and resistance to abrasion. What’s more, you can easily remove even greasy stains from their surface. Ceramic floors are definitely cheaper than the stone once, so they will not exceed your home budget too much.

Blog - Is stone a better solution than ceramic tiles?

Which is the best stone for floors?

When it comes to choosing the right stone for your floor, it advisable to consult a specialist, who will advise you on the most suitable material to our interior.Natural stone is more hardwearing than any ceramic tiles. While choosing stone, you should take into account not only its aesthetic value but also its quality and durability. So, which should we opt for?
Natural stone has been used as a finishing material for a very long time because of its elegance and its endurance. It has often been associated with monumental constructions or aristocratic villas. Currently, it is more often used in houses, everywhere the quality of material plays an important role. 
So, which stone to choose?
Practically, any natural stone can be applied. One of the most frequently selected material is still granite, marble and travertine, coming in different shades and allowing for more freedom in the arrangements of interiors. They prove useful as materials for kitchen worktops.
· Marble - is characterised by its delicate and subtle colours. It is most often employed in the arrangements of bathrooms and other spaces not visited by too many people. As its durability is somewhat limited, it is prone to scratches. Natural stone like marble should not be put to use outdoor because it is susceptible to humidity. With time, it can get matt and get covered with delicate lines.
· Granite – being one of the most heard wearing materials, it is ideal for floors. It is resistant to scratching and high temperatures, so it does not change its colour while used. It is hard to be scratched due to its low elasticity. Its additional asset is its easy maintenance with few treatments. It is enough to clean it with water mixed with delicate washing-up liquid.
· Onyx – is decorative stone, the aesthetic value of which is particularly exposed in the day and artificial light.
· Travertine possesses similar characteristics to those of granite, so it is frequently chosen for floors thanks to its high durability and endurance. It has a porous surface, with pores and grooves getting deeper with time. In order to prolong its attractiveness, it is worth spackling it, polishing it and finally impregnating the stone. Unfortunately, such treatment needs to be repeated.






Blog - Which is the best stone for floors?

What to pay attention to when buying a kitchen worktop?

Buying a kitchen worktop may be a big challenge but it is not only about choosing the colour of a countertop. If we want to enjoy the beauty of our kitchen for years, we have to bear in mind that kitchen furniture and kitchen accessories is an investment for years.
So, if you want to enjoy the comfort of using your kitchen worktop, you should consider such features as: the quality, the material it is made of and its dimensions. Here, you will find some tips, what to pay attention to while buying a kitchen worktop?
How to choose an ideal kitchen worktop? 
When buying a kitchen worktop, first, we should think about its colour and its shape.
We have to take it into consideration that some materials a kitchen worktop is made of, cannot be trimmed off or reshaped. At this stage, we should also take a decision about the width of the worktop depending on the size of our kitchen. The worktop needs to be functional and usable.
Another important matter is the choice of material for your kitchen furniture. Apart from traditional wood, producers also offer furniture made of chipboard or MDF board. However, not all materials withstand the pressure and the weight of a countertop. What is more, the quality of work can vary depending on a producer. All things considered, before choosing a kitchen worktop, you have to choose kitchen furniture first.
The durability of a kitchen worktop is another issue to consider. If you intend to prepare your meals at home, you should remember that your kitchen worktop must be resistant to scratching and high temperatures. Just a moment of distraction, and we will place a hot pot on a worktop making it deformed. That is why, the choice of material is so crucial. The more durable a worktop will be, the sooner our investment will get paid back after a few years unless you plan to refurbish your kitchen, let's say every 3 years.
A kitchen worktop is an investment for years. It is often said that a kitchen alongside a living room is the heart of our home. It is in the kitchen we prepare our meals and drinks for ourselves and our guests. It often happens that our guests accompany us and help us prepare our dishes, which we will later consume together. So, a durable worktop is essential, so that we can use it without the fear of damaging it. Let’s choose our worktop wisely and if necessary, let’s ask an assistant for help.




Blog - What to pay attention to when buying a kitchen worktop?

How to look after a fireplace in summer?

A fireplace in a living room is not only an additional or main source of heat. It is a primarily a decorative element of any interior. We usually make us of it during autumn-winter period and early in spring. In most cases, a fireplace remains unused. So, how to maintain it to use it without any problems during a heating season.
In the summer season, we do not usually use a fireplace. We can make use of it to warm up water at most etc. However, during summer a fireplace functions mainly as a decorative element.vv

Blog - How to look after a fireplace in summer?

A comfortable kitchen for all the family

First of all, a modern kitchen needs to be functional and usable. For these reasons, it is important that all the space should be properly developed. How to furnish your kitchen, what kind of worktops to select to make your kitchen comfortable and safe for all you family? When you organize your kitchen and choose kitchen countertops, you should take into account two important issues. A kitchen for a single and for a family with kids are two worlds apart. Insofar as in the first case, you can opt for a more designer kitchen and working surfaces, which are of a bit lower durability, so in the latter case, you should remember the kitchen needs to be functional and safe.

Blog - A comfortable kitchen for all the family

A panoramic fireplace

Modern fireplace surrounds 
A panoramic fireplace is nothing more than a modern fireplace surround, with an exceptional burner open to different sides of a room simultaneously. Panoramic fireplaces give you a new perspective on the interior design and helps you make a real statement in your room.
A panoramic fireplace is a solution, which creates a nice atmosphere in a room since it allows a totally unrestricted view of the fire from all sides of the room. In our offer you will find a wide selection of burners in different dimensions, owing to which you have the opportunity of selecting a fireplace insert, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Is a panoramic fireplace suitable for small spaces?
Panoramic fireplaces look great in big spaces. These decorative fireplaces combine natural flame with the comfort of using them. Warm colour of flame is relaxing and creates a warm atmosphere in our room. In small spaces, panoramic fireplaces may turn out to be too big, in such cases it is advisable to opt for smaller models. We also recommend bio-fireplaces. Panoramic fireplaces with 3-sided inserts are available in a wide range of designs of different capacity and technical parameters.   

Blog - A panoramic fireplace

Brazilian quartzite

We have Brazilian quartzite on offer, a hard material, which can be used for kitchen worktops, stairs etc. The photos do not illustrate a real beauty of this stone.  You are kindly invited to visit our company, Fainner, where you can see a lot of new materials on offer. We really have something to boast about.

Blog - Brazilian quartzite
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