What is it like today?

At present, our Company has more than a dozen personnel, each of whom is well suited and qualified to perform the tasks delegated to them. We employ a few highly experienced fireplace fitters and three qualified stone sawyers, who are responsible for operating stone saws, for polishing finished products and for fitting stone elements.

The success of our Company lies in the hands of our employees working in our production department, the qualified operators of forklifts for handling long loads, crane operators who deliver elements and raw materials to production sites and storage yards, specialists both in the dry and the wet stone finishing, without whom we would not be able to create such beautiful and intricate stone products. Our managers supervise the production processes with regard to them complying with the health and safety regulations. Nevertheless, their principal aim is timely delivery of ordered goods to our clients as well as the efficient and on-time delivery of stone from our suppliers, who are importers from all over the world (India, Brazil, Italy, China, Spain etc.) We import directly from abroad.

Our Customer Service Personnel, who always provide professional assistance and consultancy to all our Customers, are delegated very important roles.

  1. We have been giving you
    the warmth since 1998…

    Our company, Fainner has almost 20 years of history from its beginnings in 1998. The story, however has its origin a few years earlier when the owner of Fainner, while writing his graduate thesis, comes to the realisation that fireplaces, their production and their installation are his real passion, which he will devote his life to and which he will be committed to. The thesis, which is a great success and which wins him an award, motivates him to take further actions. The beginnings in the owner’s hometown and with one-person brigade are difficult. The man from this brigade, who is a fireplace fitter, has been enjoying a great reputation and respect among his clients ever since.

    Year after year, the number of employees as well as a variety of ideas how to expand the business have been increasing. New machinery and modern equipment have been bought and new specialists have been taken on. The changing preferences and profiles of contemporary customers entailed a stream of changes like the introduction of a new service of stone treatment, and the necessity to adjust to those changes. Nowadays, in order to meet the requirements of our Customers, our Company renders such services as the sales and fitting fireplaces, the treatment of stone like granite, marble or travertine. In our premises, in Bodzanów, our Customers can see a large exposition of fireplaces and fireplace inserts as well as of stone fireplace surrounds. In our stonemasons’s workshop, special emphasis is placed on the quality of our products, on new professional and state-of-the art machinery, on modern production hall, on advanced workplace health and safety measures and on well equipped personnel facilities. We pride ourselves on well-developed system of logistics: customer service, promptitude, efficient procurement and transportation. Nowadays, we focus on the dynamic development of our Company and of our highly competent and experienced staff.

    About us – Fainner


Our Company Finner renders comprehensive services of fireplace fitting in our Customers’ homes. We provide professional advice based on many years of experience, we guarantee high quality execution of customers’ orders as well as individual, made-to-measure approach to all of our clients. W invite you to our Gallery, where you can find both modern and traditional fireplaces. Our offer includes free standing fireplaces, so-called „pot-belly-stoves”, electric stoves, gas fireplaces and bio-fireplaces.



Our Company is a specialist in natural stone treatment such as granite, marble, travertine or sandstone. We are a producer of stone countertops, window sills, stairs and stone flooring etc.

We have many years of experience and highly qualified production personnel equipped with the latest high tech machinery, who will undertake even the most complex and complicated project.


We are equipped with the newest and the
most advanced machines.

From the project delivery to its realization

We produce fireplaces and their surrounds based both on our project templates and on our Customers’ own design ideas. We provide our Customers with a long-time expert advice, we guarantee high quality standard of services. We tend to our Customers individually and we offer them made-to-measure solutions

We would like to introduce you to our extensive portfolio.

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Get a closer look at our Company

You are welcome on our Company’s premises, where you can have a closer look at our rich exposition of fireplaces and fireplace inserts and a wide assortment of natural stones. We guarantee a professional and friendly service aimed at our Customers’ satisfaction.

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Ekspozycja kamieni naturalnych, kwarcytów, spieków kwarcowych oraz konglomeratów znajduje się w salonie Bodzanów 460.

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