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Fainner renders comprehensive services of fireplace fitting in our Customers’ homes. Our Company is a specialist in natural stone treatment such as granite, marble, travertine or sandstone. We are a producer of stone countertops, window sills, stairs and stone flooring etc. We have many years of experience and highly qualified production personnel equipped with the latest high tech machinery, who will undertake even the most complex and complicated project.


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ciepły klimat
  1. Stone
    naturally beautiful design

    Until recently, a popular view was that stonemasonry companies, which specialise in stone treatment, produce only memorials like monuments or tombstones. Luckily, this idea was thrown on the scrapheap. This was due to the increased use of natural stone in the construction industry. And yet, it is worth reminding that stone is one of the oldest building materials and its usage goes back to Ancient Times.

    Rich assortment of natural stone

    Fainner – Fireplaces & Stones
  2. A fireplace
    the soul of every home

    Apart from their obvious functional qualities, fireplaces introduce a unique ambiance and give an exceptional character to every interior, at the same time creating cosy family atmosphere and decorating every home. More and more frequently, they are taking fancy forms,seducing us with their intricate forms and catching the eye of our guests.

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    Fainner – Fireplaces & Stones

Get a closer look at our Company

You are welcome on our Company’s premises, where you can have a closer look at our rich exposition of fireplaces and fireplace inserts and a wide assortment of natural stones. We guarantee a professional and friendly service aimed at our Customers’ satisfaction.

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From the project delivery to its realisation

We produce fireplaces and their surrounds based both on our project templates and on our Customers’ own design ideas. We provide our Customers with a long-time expert advice, we guarantee high quality standard of services. We tend to our Customers individually and we offer them made-to-measure solutions.

We would like to introduce you to our extensive portfolio.

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Our blog

We invite you to visit our blog, where you will find expert's advice about modern application of natural stone in room design. You will get in touch with current fireplace design trends and what besides stairs or countertops can be made from natural stones.

Wkłady kominowe o nietypowych wymiarach. Gdzie ich szukać?

Z zakupem wkładu kominowego o standardowych rozmiarach raczej nie powinniśmy mieć większego problemu. Jesteśmy w stanie szybko znaleźć odpowiedni produkt, który będzie dopasowany do naszych potrzeb. Problem może pojawić się jednak wtedy, gdy potrzebujemy wkładu o nietypowych wymiarach.

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Wkłady kominowe o nietypowych wymiarach. Gdzie ich szukać?

What should exterior window sills be characterized by?

Window sills, above all, are to protect the wall construction located beneath windows against rainfalls, too intense sunlight and high temperatures. For this reason, they have to be made of properly selected materials, they have to be of optimal sizes and should be properly mounted. Later in our post, you will find out what their distinguishing characteristics should be like.

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What should exterior window sills be characterized by?

Directions of imports of natural stone

A group of natural stone comprises a wide range of materials used essentially to produce varied elements of interior decoration – worktops, window - sills, stairs, fireplace surrounds etc. Types of stone are countless. There are characterized by distinct physical properties, multipurpose usage, and above all, diverse visual qualities. But the truth is, you will not find two pieces of stone, which would be identical. Nature has ensured, that every element is unique and unreproducible.

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Directions of imports of natural stone

Granite flooring. Where do they work best?

Granite is highly valued natural material, which for centuries, has been used in the construction industry and in the home decorating. The stone is a type of igneous rock, distinguished by a string of essential performance characteristics like durability, endurance, resistance to environmental factors and mechanical damage. Owing to its exceptional aesthetic values, granite is the preferred stone utilised by interior designers and as such it is broadly used in home decorating, especially as a stone flooring. In our post, you will find out, where granite floors work best.

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Granite flooring. Where do they work best?
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