Granite flooring. Where do they work best?

Granite is highly valued natural material, which for centuries, has been used in the construction industry and in the home decorating. The stone is a type of igneous rock, distinguished by a string of essential performance characteristics like durability, endurance, resistance to environmental factors and mechanical damage. Owing to its exceptional aesthetic values, granite is the preferred stone utilised by interior designers and as such it is broadly used in home decorating, especially as a stone flooring. In our post, you will find out, where granite floors work best.

Blog - Granite flooring. Where do they work best?

A kitchen marble worktop. Is it a good idea?

Marble is one of the most frequently chosen natural stone used as finishing material in residential buildings. Undoubtedly, the main reason for its popularity lies in the visual qualities of this material, yet its physical properties are of equal importance. Being durable, universal and timeless, marble will do fine both in modern and classic interiors. It is used to produce windowsills, stairs and fireplace surrounds. Equally alluring are marble worktops. However, is using marble in a kitchen a good idea?

Blog - A kitchen marble worktop. Is it a good idea?

Natural stone in terrace design ideas

The growing popularity of natural stone and its increased availability indicate that it is a more commonly used symbol of luxury. Also, its durability, endurance and its aesthetic values are the decisive factors, here. Apart from looking beautiful on terraces, floors or exterior elevations, natural stone also provides safe surroundings.

Blog - Natural stone in terrace design ideas

A windowsill - an interior finishing element

Natural stone is a precious material, which adds unparallel beauty and discreet elegance to every interior. Windowsills made of stone are becoming more and more popular and it is hardly surprising, in view if their properties and their stunning appearance. Stone windowsills may be installed both inside and outside the house. In today’s post, we will present you with the advantages resulting from installing stone windowsills in your interiors.

Blog - A windowsill - an interior finishing element

Sandstone as the material for elevations

Sandstone is natural stone frequently used in the building industry. It is solid sedimentary rock of fine-grained structure. For years, sandstone has been used to erect buildings and other constructions as well as to make sculptures. It is relatively soft, owing to which its processing is not very demanding. It comes in interesting colours and has good technical parameters. It is ideally suited for elevations both for traditional and modern houses.

Blog - Sandstone as the material for elevations

Benefits of marble floors

Marble is very well-known and highly regarded natural stone, which has been in use since the Ancient Times. It can be applied in the building industry, to produce sculptures and in a widely understood architecture. Marble is classed as hard material, thanks to its mineral composition and to the way it has been formed. It is characterised by its unparalleled appearance, which is hard to mistake for anything else. In most cases, it is light stone with numerous veins, which run through a marble block, and which after undergoing the process of polishing, gets a permanent gloss, which shows off even more classical and dazzling look.

From marble, you can produce flooring associated with luxury and prosperity. You will find more about the benefits of marble floors in our post.

Blog - Benefits of marble floors

How to maintain stone floors?

Stone floors are aesthetic and extremely hardwearing. It is worth deciding on this type of flooring, if you have to lay the floors in spaces frequented by a lot of people like offices. Moreover, stone floors are an exceptional solution at home, which add elegance and originality to the whole interior. 

Stone floors can be made of marble, granite, onyx or travertine. In today’s post, we will advise you on how to take care of stone floors, since selecting proper cleaning products and maintenance techniques has a direct influence on their appearance and their condition.

Blog - How to maintain stone floors?

A modern fireplace and that is …….?

There’s no doubt a fireplace is the heart of every home. It brings both a unique atmosphere and warmth to every place. Apart from its practical functions, a fireplace also serves as a decorative element in every place it is located in. As a fireplace adds a lot of charm and character to any interior, it has to match the style of a house. If properly selected, a fireplace will complement and bring character to every interior whether minimalist, Scandinavian or modern. 


Blog - A modern fireplace and that is …….?
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