Copacabana is a multicoloured granite quarried in Brazil. This kind of stone is frequently used in kitchen and bathroom countertops production, as exterior and interior wall cladding and stone flooring. It can also be used to construct fountains, swimming pools, ścianka Cappi and many other projects. It is called Copacabana granite - Black Horse Granite.

The beauty of this stone speaks for itself, words are needless. We have this stone in our offer and you can have your kitchen or your bathroom made from this exceptional stone. You are more than welcome.

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Agate-semi-precious stone

Agate is an extraordinary stone. The beauty of this unique stone is the beauty concealed. This beauty is brought out during the process of cutting and polishing the stone, which makes it shimmer with exceptional and unique colours and sparkle with multidimensional microcrystalline layers. I would say: it is a naturally occurring mineral, the banded form of chalcedony in other words of silicon dioxide. Agate is tinged with natural pigments and with quartz. It is incredibly difficult to put into words how it is possible that one small piece of mineral has caused so much delight and has charmed so many people through centuries and has been a passion of jewellers and the object of envy of so many women.

Since the beginnings of the culture formation, agate has been considered a particularly precious stone, which has an extraordinarily magical power. Agate was used by simple folk as a remedy for treating numerous diseases and ailments as well as by artisans of decorative arts. St. Adalbert Holy Grail is the most famous example of agate application, already in the Middle Ages. The golden age of this unusual stone falls between 16th and 18th century, the Baroque period.

The picture depicts an agate slab, which is now available at Fainner. We are in the process of filling the first order for our most demanding group of Customers.

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Quartzgranite is formed by binding quartz (approximately 90%) with a bond made from polyester resin. Owing to this combination, we can obtain unique colours and patterns unparalleled to colours of any other stone. These materials are characterised by very strong resistance to stains from coffee, tea, oil, lemon or any other grocery products. They are problem–free. Quartzgranite is mainly used in the production of kitchen and bathroom countertops.

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Rich assortment of natural stone

Until recently, a popular view was that stonemasonry companies, which specialise in stone treatment, produce only memorials like monuments or tombstones. Luckily, this idea was thrown on the scrapheap. This was due to the increased use of natural stone in the construction industry. And yet, it is worth reminding that stone is one of the oldest building materials and its usage goes back to Ancient Times.

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Super kitchen worktops from alabaster stone

Kitchen worktops made from conglomerate. Recently, quartz conglomerate has revolutionised the stone industry. Its simplicity and its unusual durability makes this material a perfect alternative to granite and marble. This material, originating from Italy, is suitable for kitchen countertops. If you want to have a kitchen like this, visit us.

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Maintenance and day-to-day care of countertops

When furnishing our kitchen, we dream of having aesthetic and practical solutions combined with modern design. If you want to achieve the desired effect, granite is the stone for you. It is aesthetic, practical and durable, and what is more it increases the value of your home and it creates a flair of luxury in your home.

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Fireplaces and fireplace inserts

The soul of every home, as it is often called, a fireplace serves as a spectacular decorative element as well as a practical support of the existing heating system. 

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Our Team at work

Thanks to the film displayed in YouTube, which presents our qualified personnel at work in the production hall and in Customer Service Office, we reached a large group of potential customers, which translated into receiving orders by our Company. More and more people trust us in terms of our expertise and want to cooperate with us. See for yourself how we operate.

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