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Marble or granite stairs?

Both granite and marble stairs look charming and they can add character to the whole interior.So, we are giving you a hint what to choose, marble or granite stairs? A lot of people wonder whether to choose stairs made of marble or of granite. As we can gather from numerous internet fora, many a customer is considering the purchase of these materials for their stairs. More and more often, they are giving up the idea of buying wooden stairs being afraid that although wood looks cosy and beautiful, it can get damaged very quickly

Granite stairs
Granite stairs are exceptionally durable and resistant to abrasion. They are also characterised by the ability to withstand adverse mechanical factors and they are frost resistant. A variety of textures granite occurs in affects its functionality. Additionally, its broad spectrum of colours makes it a versatile material suitable for every taste and every interior.
Granite stairs are most resistant to abrasion and scratching. They are easy to be polished and as such they are characterised by unmatched durability. They are entirely waterproof and good at accumulating warmth due to granite’s high density between 2,3 g/m to 2,8 g/cm.
Some people fear granite stairs are too slippery. In order to avoid this problem, it is worth considering buying the stairs made of sand granite, flamed or grained and then brushed.
Marble stairs
Schody z marmuru wybierane są ze względu na fakt, że są subiektywnie odbierane jako ciepMarble is the stone of lower durability than granite, which makes it easier to be treated. It is also characterised by low absorption ranging from 0,1% to 0,5%. Marble stairs can be easily polished to obtain a mirror finish.
Marble stairs are very popular among our Customers as these kind of stairs are perceived as warm and cosy. For this very reason and because of the properties of this stone, they are ideal for finishing elements of stairs as well as for stair treads, risers, bannisters and even landings.
Whatever choice you make, you have to remember about their proper impregnation. This kind of treatment can protect the surface against the permanent staining. Any dents can be easily repaired by means of an epoxide or a plaster putty knife.

Blog - Marble or granite stairs?

The most durable kitchen worktops

The most durable kitchen worktops
Kitchen worktops are available in a variety of textures and colours. They might be produced from a wide diversity of materials and this is exactly what impacts their price. Their appearance should be of secondary importance since a kitchen worktop should be primarily resistant to harsh kitchen conditions, hot pots, sharp kitchen utensils or tenderising a piece of meat for a pork chop.
Now we are going to present the most hard-wearing kitchen worktops
While choosing a kitchen worktop for your home, you must remember that the most practical worktops are the ones which conceal bread crumbs and water drops. In most cases these are worktops with a fine texture which somehow camouflage dirt.
The most hard-wearing worktops
Granite worktops
If you are looking for a high-quality product, which would be resistant to tough conditions in any kitchen, then a granite worktop is a must-have. Granite is a highly valued material, also frequently chosen for tombstones due to its properties. Therefore, granite worktops are the most durable worktops of all. Moreover, the fact that they are not too demanding in terms of maintenance and impregnation is their added bonus. Frequently, water with dishwashing liquid will suffice.
Composite worktops
Composite worktops are made of materials which resemble granite worktops as regards their durability. However, they have the advantage of being easily shaped. Unfortunately, their high price may be their big disadvantage. Their average price can reach as much as 1500 zloty / m2, which is twice as much as the price of granite worktops.
Glass worktops
Glass worktops are very popular in modern interiors. They are not only very stylish but they are also resistant to scratches. Mostly, they are available in white or they may be transparent yet, they may also occur in various colours as tinted glass.
They are usually made-to-order and their prices range from 790 zloty for 1 m2 to 1800 zloty for 1 m2.
Wooden worktops
Kitchen worktops made of wood are not resistant to difficult kitchen conditions. Eye-catching and stylish as they are, they are not practical in use, which many of their users complain about. Wooden worktops are not durable enough and they require special maintenance with specialist products, which would protect them against water. Obviously, there are kitchen worktops made of concrete or laminate or other materials, which are available on the market. The choice of the most suitable material is of utmost importance. After all, it is not a problem to find material for your kitchen worktop. The problem arises if you have to change the worktop after one year of using it. 

Blog - The most durable kitchen worktops

Is a bio-fireplace safe?

A modern bio-fireplace is an interesting alternative everywhere the installation of a traditional fireplace is not possible. This is particularly true of blocks of flats. This modern interior fireplace has got a lot of advantages, yet is it safe? Below you will find the answer to this question. Its greatest asset is its possibility to be installed anywhere a traditional fireplace with a water jacket insert or a cast-iron fireplace cannot be mounted. A bio-fireplace will not only heat our room but it will also complement our living space in a very original way.


Blog - Is a bio-fireplace safe?

A fireplace in a room, where to position it ?

Owing to its design and its aesthetics, a modern fireplace will compliment almost every interior. However, a problem arises only when it comes to small confined spaces, in which putting such a big construction can additionally give an optical illusion of a much smaller space. Thus, when choosing a fireplace for your room, you should think first what would be its ideal location in your interior.


Blog - A fireplace in a room, where to position it ?

Fireplace accessories - in other words - what else do we need for our fireplace?

Anyone who intends to buy their own fireplace has to take into account the fact that the fireplace itself is not everything. Even the purchase of the most technologically advanced and the most expensive model does not replace an array of accessories available, which are indispensable.
Accessories will enable us to make use of all the benefits every fireplace can offer. Moreover, accessories are crucial when it comes to cleaning and functioning of fireplaces.

If you desire that your fireplace accessories should serve you well for many years ahead, settle on high quality products and not on much cheaper substitutes, which are available in DIY stores and which are made mostly of low quality materials and as such they suffice for one heating season only. Changing fireplace accessories every year - after all that is not what you want, do you?


Blog - Fireplace accessories - in other words - what else do we need for our fireplace?

A tile fireplace with a DPD system or a traditional tile fireplace?

A tile fireplace is a term which has two different meanings. However, customers often use this name not distinguishing between these two terms. Having a fireplace, the surround of which is made of tiles, they boast to their friends and acquaintances about having a tile fireplace, which is not entirely true. On the other hand, tiles can perform the same function as they used to in the case of old-fashion, granny's stove, in which tiles acted as a heat accumulator and produced heat long after the fire was put out. Which is a better option to choose from?

When choosing a tile fireplace, you may consider two options: either a tile fireplace with a modern heating system DPD or a traditional tile fireplace. Each solution has both its own advantages and disadvantages. All we need to do is to decide which alternative to opt for.

Blog - A tile fireplace with a DPD system or a traditional tile fireplace?

Fireplace installation – the most common mistakes

A fireplace is a cheap and a reliable source of heat. What’s more, a fireplace is an effective solution, which substantially lowers the costs of electrical energy used to heat our homes. Its aesthetic values as well as its abundant design inspiration are undeniable. However, a fireplace can malfunction at times.

Find for yourself what mistakes to avoid to get a properly functioning fireplace heating.

 1. Faulty air circulation

Fireplace structure should take into account a proper air circulation between rooms. This can be achieved either through undercutting a door frame or installing bathroom door air vents.

2. Improper fireplace insert

The choice of an insert has an effect on our fireplace heating capacity, in other words if our fireplace can heat a room or a house according to your needs. Improperly selected heating capacity might not be sufficient to heat even one room, in which case a fireplace will perform only a decorative function.

3. Lack of ventilation grills

The installation of ventilation grills on top of a fireplace hood is essential. They are to prevent the accumulation of hot air under the ceiling thus protecting wall plasters and a house foundation. We must also remember that ventilation grills should not direct the airflow directly at people.

4. Improper fireplace location

Many people who dream about having their own fireplace forget that a fireplace does not work very well in very small spaces. The process of heat distribution in a small room is impeded. If you opt for a fireplace in a wooden house, you have to remember about the installation of additional safety devices.

5. Lack of fireplace insulation


Whilst installing a fireplace, you have to remember about protecting it with a thermal insulation material, otherwise a fireplace surround heats up too much and starts cracking. A thermal insulation made of mineral wool or a layer of aluminium will prevent this from happening. 

6. Improper connection of a fireplace with a flue pipe


Dishonest fireplace installers frequently connect pipes to a chimney flue by force.
It is extremely dangerous because a tee connector in high temperatures increases its diameter and starts cracking.

Blog - Fireplace installation –  the most common mistakes
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