FAQ: frequently asked questions


What is the cost of an insert?

Prices of inserts differ depending on many factors such as: the type of an insert (convection air inserts, water-heating inserts etc.), its heating capacity, its brand name and its technical parameters.

What are the costs of a fireplace surround?

The costs of a surround are determined by the type of insulation and finishing materials as well as by the price of stone used.

What about a project?

We produce fireplaces and their surrounds based both on our project templates and on our Customers’ own design ideas.


Our 24-month warrantee covers all the installation work performed by our Company.

Forms of payment?

We accept cash and payments by money transfer. A deposit of 30% of the total amount of your order is to be paid when placing the order.

Completion date?

The completion date depends on the availability of the ordered material (stone, an insert).


Complaints are dealt with within a period of a few days, following the date on which there are submitted.

A side-load or a top-load door system?

If the price is not a decisive factor, it is the Customer’s own choice. A top-load door system is a more convenient and a more advanced solution, giving its users more possibilities if only the view of infinite burning fire.

Which is a better insert: a cast iron one or a steel and chammotte one.

Steel and chammotte inserts are more durable, thereby ensuring a longer service life.

What size and what heating capacity of an insert should be installed in a house?

It is presumed that 1 kW insert heats approximately 10 square metres.

Are fireplaces ecological?

As most fireplaces are natural wood-fired, they are ecological.

Is it possible to order made-to-measure inserts?

Obviously, we cooperate with the producers, who construct inserts of non-standard size, designed to our Customers’ individual needs.

How much wood can a fireplace burn?

Depending on the insert capacity and the frequency of use, from 4 to 8 cubic metres during one season.


What do you produce from stone?

We construct stairs, window sills, countertops, bathrooms, terraces, entrance stairs, fireplace surrounds etc.

What kind of stone do you use for your products?

Our offer includes granite, marble, travertine, sandstone, agglomarbles, quartz composite.

Do you have stone samples available and is it possible to see the stone slab I want to have my stairs made from?

There is a huge exposition of stone slabs on our company’s premises. If you opt for any stone which is available at a given moment, you can have a look at it and take a decision which slab to choose.

What if the stone of my choice as not available at a given moment?

It all depends on what kind of stone it is. However, we have a huge potential. We cooperate with big stone warehouses and we are the importers of stone from India, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China etc.

What kind of stone do you recommend for kitchen worktops?

Granite is the most suitable material for stairs and kitchen worktops.

Why granite and not marble?

Granite with its durability and resistance to abrasion is more suited for construction elements like stairs or countertops. Marble as a finishing material performs exceptionally well in bathrooms mainly due to its aesthetic values.

What is your pricing policy?

A price is calculated by our professional staff immediately after the enquiry or is sent to our Customer within a period of a few days depending on the nature of an order.

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