Nowadays, there is such a wide spectrum of different kinds and designs of fireplaces available that anyone can choose something that would suit their tastes, meet their requirements and satisfy their needs. First of all, when choosing a fireplace, it is worth considering if our fireplace should perform an aesthetic function only or if it should be used to provide heat. If our fireplace is to fulfil both of theses functions, we have to pay a particular attention to its technical parameters. It is of utmost importance to match nominal heating output of a fireplace with heated room volume thus to avoid its overheating.

Fireplace inserts have to be compatible with a hot air distribu-tion systems, which duct warm air to other rooms through spe-cial vents or which may be equipped with a water jacket, which directs hot water to central heating system. Furthermore, the material which a fireplace insert is made of is really significant.

There are three types of fireplace inserts available: cast iron inserts, steel inserts and the combination of these two types.

Until recently, potbelly stoves (cast-iron wood-burning stoves) were commonly used as an ersatz to traditional fireplaces. A potbelly stove does not involve high installation expenditures or complicated and extensive building works as it is only connected to a chimney. However, in the case of this type of stoves, the protection of a floor and of walls against high temperatures is essential.

In recent years, a perfect alternative to traditional fireplaces has emerged. Bio-fireplaces, which are becoming more and more popular are already available on the market. Now everybody can enjoy the glow of natural fire in their home.

Bio-fireplaces are powered by ethanol, which combusts practi-cally in a hundred percent, so they can be mounted in every in-terior and they do not require a chimney or any fixed connec-tion. Bio-fireplaces perform primarily an aesthetic function.

Fireplaces with convection air inserts

Convection air fireplaces as their name indicates, heat a room by means of hot air, which is produced in a fireplace. Their un-questionable asset is their ability to distribute heat to the re-maining storeys of a house. Fireplaces with convection air in-serts can either operate on forced circulation with a mechanical turbine or on circulation through a gravity system. Convection air fireplaces can guarantee the same temperature in all the rooms located on one level of a house.

In order to meet our Customers’ varied and numerous requirements, our Company offers product diversity in respect of technical parameters, functions and the design. We cooperate with the most re-nowned companies specialising in fireworks production like Sparthem, KFD, Lechma, BeFHome, Hajduk, Godin, Kratki etc.

Fireplaces with water-heating inserts

In our range of products, you can also find fireplaces with water-heating inserts. This type of a fireplace can replace a central heating boiler without any problems. Such a solution is more beneficial than a central gas heating system in terms of heating costs. If you calculate all the costs of home heating with water-heating fireplace inserts, it may turn out that they are half as expensive as the costs of heating a house with gas. If you live in a detached house, this is an ideal option for you.

Fireplaces with water jacket inserts are compatible with tradi-tional radiator systems of central heating, retaining the cost-effective, aesthetic and ecological values of traditional fireplaces at the same time. Fireplaces with water jacket inserts can operate both in open and closed circuits. Water jacket inserts can be used to heat water in a fireplace reservoir. Due to high heating capacity of fireplaces, they are able to heat water instantaneously, on condition that an additional heating coil is installed above the furnace. So if you fancy having a fireplace with water jacket inserts, you will not only have a cost-effective heating system but also warm water and underfloor heating system.

Trying to meet our Customers requirements and simultaneously taking in consideration low-cost and aesthetic values, we offer a wide range of fireplaces with water jacket inserts. We particularly recommend the ones, which are characterised by a very modern design and which meet the expectations even of the most demanding Customer. So if you consider installing a fireplace with water jacket inserts, Fainner is the right company for you.

Fireplaces with gas inserts

Traditional fireplaces require to be serviced in terms of control-ling the burned wood as well as of cleaning a furnace. Gas fireplaces are ideal alternative for traditional fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces are the sign of contemporary times as far as convenience goes. They are not different from traditional fire-places as regards their appearance. However, they are much more user-friendly. Many a time, gas fireplaces are equipped with modern electronic devises used to remote control their operations like a tablet or a remote controller. Gas fireplaces are adjusted to cooperate with intelligent home systems. Gas fireplaces have to be connected to double walled chimneys.

The operation of a gas chimney is limited only to adjusting the flame height. It is turned on with the use of an electronic igniter installed inside the fireplace and operated by a remote control-ler. We do not have to waste our time cleaning it for the subsequent use, so we will not be taken by surprise when some unexpected visitors turn up.

A gas fireplace consists of:

  • fireplace surround
  • gas fireplace logs mostly made of ceramic
  • gas burner for burning liquefied or natural gas

The fireplace burner has been specially designed to make the flames look identical to the flames of a traditional fireplace. Even after being turned off, the fireplace gives the impression of wooden logs glowing thus creating a stunning effect.


Our range of products also includes bio-fireplaces, which are considered to be an ecological version of traditional fireplaces. Bio-fireplaces do not require any chimney or a flue but only a ventilation system. They are convenient and „clean” when used. Bio-fireplaces are powered by bioliquids, which contain etha-nol. For this reason a bio-fireplace does not produce any smoke or any ash. Water steam and carbon dioxide, emitted in very small and safe amount, are the only products of the ethanol combustion. Bio-fireplace performs both aesthetic and heating functions. By adding perfume oils, we can enjoy the pleasure of aroma-therapy.

The main advantages of bio-fireplaces

  • Safe
  • Ecological
  • Giving natural warmth
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Easy to use

Free standing fireplaces

Free standing fireplaces are ideal to be installed both a in smaller and a bigger space. Despite comparatively small sizes, free standing fireplaces have high heating capacity. Potbelly stoves, which can without doubt create an incredible ambiance in any room and which are extremely popular, fall into the category of free standing fireplaces.

We associate the word „potbelly stove” with the stoves which heated our grandparents’ homes. Unfortunately, those stoves may have been lacking both aesthetic values and practical functions.

The fireplaces produced nowadays are characterised by exceptional design and by high quality of materials they are made of. They are fitted with a door with a large glass front, through which you can observe the burning wood. The glass used for a fireplace door can be flat glass, panoramic or float glass. Potbelly stoves or free standing fireplaces are made either of steel or cast-iron. Cast-iron stoves usually take a traditional form and they are of-ten ornamented with decorative elements. The inside of such a stove is lined with a chamotte brick, which heats the space long after the stove is off.

Depending on the location of a fireplace in a room, combustion products can be exhausted to a flue through a vent on the back, top or side wall. Heat-proof glass in the door of a stove enables us to control the furnace and to watch the flames. Cast-iron stoves prove especially effective in chalets as they give off a lot of warmth in an intensive way.

Contrary to cast-iron stoves, steel stoves have very little heat storage capacity because of their thin walls. Emitting warmth starts just after lighting a fire and stops the moment the stove is off. However, a great advantage of steel stoves is their light weight compared to cast-iron stoves with regard to the same heated area.

Tile fireplaces

A tile fireplace is a perfect combination of a tile stove and a modern fireplace insert. The basic advantage of such a stove is its high heat storage capacity. Tile fireplaces perform both heating and aesthetic functions thanks to their abundant de-signs and a variety of tiles. The tile’s surface finishing can be smooth or textured, and de-pending on the glaze used, it can be matt, semi-matt or glossed. There are as many varieties of flame as there options regarding the structure and the design of tile fireplaces. Taking into consideration different tastes and expectations of our Customers, we are able to offer them a wide variety of styles.

  1. A fireplace
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    Apart from their obvious functional qualities, fireplaces introduce a unique ambiance and give an exceptional character to every interior, at the same time creating cosy family atmosphere and decorating every home. More and more frequently, they are taking fancy forms,seducing us with their intricate forms and catching the eye of our guests.

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