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Fireplaces with water jacket inserts

Fireplaces with water jacket inserts have both their supporters and their opponents. Buying them is much bigger an investment than let’s say buying a cast-iron or a steel fireplace. The cost of an insert itself amounts to between 3.000 zloty to 8.000 zloty while the cost of their surround depends on the type of a surround. A fireplace with a water insert is not a solution that suits every pocket.

Fireplaces with water jackets inserts, however, enable their users to lower heating costs, owing to a comparatively easy access and a low price of their fuel, in other words - wood. They look like traditional fireplace inserts but they do not heat the air directly, they heat water through central heating. The way they operate is similar to the one of an oven, because they produce hot utility water.

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A cast-iron or a steel fireplace?

Living room fireplaces should not only be resistant to big temperature changes but they should also be characterised by good water absorption. Those customers who decide on having a fireplace, face an enormous challenge. It is not enough to choose the right design that would complement your interior. Its heating capacity is equally important. Properly selected a cast-iron or a steel insert can heat a few rooms simultaneously.

Kominek żeliwny czy stalowy?

Choosing the right fireplace is not easy. There are at least three elements that count: its construction, its functionality and its cost-effectiveness. A fireplace insert has to be compatible with our fireplace and should meet our needs.

Blog - A cast-iron or a steel fireplace?

Best fireplace inserts

A fireplace insert is the soul of every home, the function of which is to produce heat, which is distributed to every room. However, there is more to it than just warmth and design. That is why the choice of a suitable insert is so important. What type of an insert to choose in order to meet our expectations?

A fireplace insert is nothing more than a closed furnace equipped with a glass door and a smoke vent. Because of its function, it has to be characterized by the resistance to high temperatures for a prolonged period of time. Contemporary fireplace inserts are produced with the use of modern and innovative technologies and as such they both look good and they are safe.

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Maintenance and day-to-day care of countertops

When furnishing our kitchen, we dream of having aesthetic and practical solutions combined with modern design. If you want to achieve the desired effect, granite is the stone for you. It is aesthetic, practical and durable, and what is more it increases the value of your home and it creates a flair of luxury in your home.

Blog - Maintenance and day-to-day care of  countertops

Fireplaces and fireplace inserts

The soul of every home, as it is often called, a fireplace serves as a spectacular decorative element as well as a practical support of the existing heating system. 

Blog - Fireplaces and fireplace inserts
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