Rich assortment of natural stone

Until recently, a popular view was that stonemasonry companies, which specialise in stone treatment, produce only memorials like monuments or tombstones. Luckily, this idea was thrown on the scrapheap. This was due to the increased use of natural stone in the construction industry. And yet, it is worth reminding that stone is one of the oldest building materials and its usage goes back to Ancient Times.

Our Company is a specialist in natural stone treatment such as granite, marble, travertine or sandstone. We are a producer of stone countertops, window sills, stairs and stone flooring etc.


It belongs to the group of the most commonly found plutonic rocks. Granite is a very valued material used practically in every area of human activity, in everyday life as well. The availability of granite, its affordable retail price and first of all its wide range of applications, put granite first as far as its popularity is concerned. Its appearance is not insignificant and many a client takes a decision to choose this versatile stone. Granite is characterised by its exceptional hardness, its high resistance to abrasion, its appropriate weight and its beautiful colour palette unveiled after its treatment.

Our Customers select the stones we offer, mainly for countertops, external and internal staircases, window sills and also as a wall cladding.


Marble is natural stone used as a building and decorative element for thousands of years. We consider marble to be an exceptionally beautiful and noble material, which decorates the finest interiors. More and more clients can afford to buy this stone. If you decide to choose marble as your decorative element, you will make your interior look exceptionally beautiful while the natural qualities of this stone will give a feel of refinement and elegance to your interior. We offer such marbles as Brecia, Emperador, Crema Marfil, Transylwania Grey and many others.


Travertine is natural stone widely used in the building industry for many years, both in modern and rustic construction depending on the way it has been treated. Like marble, travertine is formed mainly in warm climate. It is imported from the countries of the Mediterranean Sea Basin mostly, although some of its deposits are found in Poland. Travertine’s special treatment enables achieving stunning effects as far as its surface is concerned creating refine structure, which combines majesty and elegance adding unparalleled appearance to the interiors. Travertines offered by us can take the form of raw stones or may by covered with natural resin.


Quartzgranite is also called composite, conglomerate or quartz composite, although the name quartzgranite best describes its character. Quartzgranite, which is the natural quartz-based product (95%), is also made up of such ingredients as resin, colour pigments and others (5%). Despite diverging from natural stones like granite or marble in regard to its physical and chemical characteristics, Quartzgranite is not different from these stones in terms of its quality.It has the same durability and hardness. Its great advantage, which is its rich colour palette, enables us to match ideally the colour of a countertop with the colour of kitchen cabinets. Recently, quartz conglomerate has been becoming more and more popular and much in demand among our Customers.

Sintered quartz

Sintered quartz is a natural product, which is composed of a mixture of shale, granite rock and ceramic pigments. Sintered quartz slabs are resistant to organic and inorganic solvents, disinfectants and detergents. They can easily be cleaned without impairing the qualities of their surface. As they do not release substances when treated with water, they are suitable for use with food products. Sintered quartz is free from mould, bacterias or storage fungi. Thanks to these and many other advantages, like its versatility, sintered quartz has become more and more popular in recent years and it is ideal for worktops or fireplace surrounds.


Onyx is a decorative stone, which comes in a variety of colours and patterns. It is the most rarely found rock in the world. It is quarried in Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and Egypt. Due to its rare occurrence, Onyx has become a luxury commodity. Despite its high prices, our Customers appreciate this stone particularly for its ornamental values. More and more demanding Customers, who know the valuable qualities of onyx, buy it for fireplace surrounds and wall cladding.

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Czy warto wykorzystać trawertyn na schody zewnętrzne?

Na polskim rynku dostępnych jest bardzo wiele materiałów, które mogą zostać wykorzystane na etapie budowy schodów zewnętrznych bądź wewnętrznych. Obiekt zainteresowania bardzo wielu inwestorów stanowią przede wszystkim kamienie, które gwarantują wysoką wytrzymałość, a zarazem cechują się unikalnym wyglądem. Najczęściej ostateczna decyzja inwestora rozstrzyga się pomiędzy granitem, marmurem oraz trawertynem. Dość istotny pozostaje budżet, jakim dysponuje klient.

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Jak zaprojektować schody wewnętrzne?

Ogromny dylemat mają inwestorzy, którzy zastanawiają się nad tym, w jaki sposób powinni zaprojektować schody wewnętrzne, aby prezentowały się one znakomicie, a jednocześnie spełniały oczekiwania w zakresie praktyczności. Przystępując do wykonania projektu warto zwrócić uwagę, aby nie popełnić jednego z powszechnych błędów, które negatywnie wpływają na to, jak w przyszłości postrzegamy tą inwestycję.

Co będzie konsekwencją źle zaprojektowanych schodów wewnętrznych?
Konsekwencją źle zaprojektowanych schodów w domach jednorodzinnych jest przede wszystkim brak oczekiwanego komfortu, a zarazem problemy podczas ich codziennego użytkowania. W skrajnych wypadkach kiepsko prezentujące się schody źle wpływają na wygląd całego wnętrza. Brak doświadczenia w zakresie projektowania schodów powinien skłonić wykonawcę do tego, aby podjął współpracę z kimś, kto posiada na swoim koncie szereg udanych realizacji. W takich okolicznościach prawdopodobieństwo wystąpienia jakiegokolwiek błędu będzie wręcz znikome.

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The dimensions ot kitchen worktops

A high quality worktop is an essential element of every kitchen interior. Its size can have an impact on the comfort of everyday use of a kitchen. Too small, a kitchen worktop makes it inconvenient to prepare meals, especially for those who find this activity especially enjoyable.

What dimensions should an ideal kitchen worktop have? 
What dimensions should an ideal kitchen worktop have ?
A kitchen worktop and its dimensions
There are three parameters that we should consider when selecting a kitchen worktop: its width, length and thickness. It is commonly believed that an ideal kitchen worktop should be at least 60 centimetres wide. Smaller-sized one can impede cooking. It comes as no surprise that most kitchen appliances like a dishwasher or a gas cooker are of such width. If we enjoy preparing meals and if we do it very often, then sufficient space is very important. So, if we have such possibility, we should opt for the worktops wider than 60 centimetres. 
The thickness of kitchen worktops
A kitchen worktop should also have the right thickness, which has to be on during the production process. Most frequently, it is 2 ,3 or 4 centimetres. When choosing a kitchen worktop and its thickness, we must also take into account the sink installation as in most cases it can be adjusted to the worktops, which are from 2,8 to 4 centimetres thick. Regardless of materials used, thicker worktops diverge from commonly used standards. One has to remember that the thicker a worktop is, the heavier it becomes, which can in turn entail the necessity of repairing kitchen furniture in future.







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Marble firestones – a stylish finishing element of interior spaces

Currently, fashion is dominated by minimalism and aesthetic finishings. We tend to avoid opulence and crammed spaces. However, in spite of this trend, marble fireplaces, which look good in classic interiors, even those with rustic feel, have remained in fashion for many years. So, why is it worth choosing a marble fireplace? 
A marble fireplace is a luxurious and an aesthetic decorative element for your home. It looks especially good in classic interiors in rustic style. However, more and more frequently, marble fireplaces are picked out for modern apartment blocks. 
A marble firestone - what is it?
A marble fireplace is nothing more than a stylish fireplace surround made of natural stone, which will revamp every interior.
A marble fireplace as a stylish decorative element
A marble fireplace is a much desired element of any home decor. Customers choose marble because of its stylish and luxurious appearance.
Marble fireplaces ideally harmonise with the interiors decorated in classic style. Marble is a unique and a refined finishing component of any interior. It adds a warm and a cosy character to every home. The classic beauty and the elegance of a marble fireplace change the area, where it is located, into a real work of art. 
Marble fireplaces add prestige and style to every space. Since Ancient Times, this metamorphic rock has been considered to be a precious material, used by construction engineers, sculptors and architects. It has been used by the most renowned, world-famous artists. No wonder, sculpted marble fireplaces enjoy a good reputation among the lovers of elegance and refined style. What is more, marble fireplaces are exceptionally durable and they come in a wide array of colours, which enable interior designers to select something suitable for any interior.
Marble fireplaces draw inspiration from the art of the Baroque style, which is characterised by lavishness and elegant ornamentation. Their sumptuous surrounds are an interesting break from minimalist trends. 

When choosing marble fireplaces, we can be sure we acquire a product which combines both practical and visual values. A marble fireplace performs extremely well as the main decorative element of every living room, of every guest room or even of a bedroom.



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